Hackbright Week 0: Setting Intentions

Monday marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my coding journey: a 10 week software engineering fellowship at Hackbright Academy.

I happily accepted my spot in the program one month ago today (after much research and consideration — a post for another time), and since then I’ve been busy bringing myself up to speed on all-things Python. As I wrap up the technical part of the pre-course curriculum later today, I wanted to shift my focus inwards to set some intentions for my time in the program.

My hope is that by setting intentions I’ll be more likely to think, feel, and act in alignment with those intentions, even when the momentum of a busy schedule makes it easy for the days and weeks and months to ‘just slip by’. And I figure a little public accountability can’t hurt the cause.

So, here goes. It’s my intention to…

Learn as much as possible. Remember “Learning is hard work, but everything you learn is yours and will make subsequent learning easier.”  – Marijn Haverbeke, Eloquent JavaScript

Keep the big picture in mind. Through this program I’ll be working towards another much anticipated milestone: getting my first job as a software engineer. But my decision to learn to code has always been about so much more than getting a job — I want to keep those motivations top of mind as I continue to make decisions that will shape this path.

Be empowered to ask. Grow the self-confidence and self-awareness to ask for the help I need to be successful. Be it a clarifying code question or even something much larger, most people want to help, and being able to ask (especially for something specific) is going to be key to learning.

Make self-care a priority. Get enough sleep, eat good food, exercise often. Enjoy solitude to recharge. Recognize when stepping away will be more valuable than plowing through.

Stay centered in gratitude. There will be challenges and frustrations, and they can be overcome with the right state of mind. Appreciate this opportunity. Always come back to gratitude.

Be open-minded. Give the unknown consideration. Let ideas and goals evolve.

Help others. So many people, many I barely know, have offered me help and encouragement since I began learning to code. It has been one of the most unexpected and welcome surprises. I hope to be just as generous to the peers in my cohort.

Relax and have fun. Making progress doesn’t always have to be hard. Enjoy the present.

Reflect daily. Think about each day and identify what worked and what didn’t. Celebrate the successes and learn from the mistakes.



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